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Villa Vista in Zamask*****

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Casa Ombra Rossa*****

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Villas Borghetto

Villa Hermitage*****

Villa Melita*****

Villa Fiordaliso*****

Villa Luna*****

Villa Aurora*****

Villa Celeste*****

Villa Adele*****

Villa Constanza*****

Villa Letizia*****

Villa Azzurra*****

Villa Claretta*****

Villa Cleo*****

Villa Zara*****

Villa Dolce Vita*****

Villa Helena*****

Villa Camelia*****

Villa Sylvia*****

Villa Sophia*****

Villa Ginevra*****

Villa Frida*****

Villa Candida*****

Villa Medea*****

Villa Pia*****

Villa Gioia*****

Villa Carlotta*****